Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Case Study Pat Senor And Dolores Solatano From The...

The Case Study involves Pat Seà ±or and Dolores Solatano from the movie Silver Linings Playbook, who have come into therapy to strengthen their relationship and help with Pat Senior’s anger issues. Dolores has stressed her frustration with Pat Sr. because of his anger, gambling addiction and therefore contemplating divorce. Pat Sr. expresses he is tired of Dolores’ nagging. Dolores has checked out her adult son from a court ordered mental health facility from beating his ex-wife lover almost to death in their home. Pat Jr., a young adult, was diagnosed with bipolar behavior and has been currently seeing a psychologist. Pat Sr. was not included in this decision Dolores made, which has made him feel excluded from any decision making process. Dolores has always been the one to be compassionate and supportive with both her son and husband’s behavior issues. Dolores appears to be the glue that holds the family together. The Solatano’s are a middle clas s Italian family that appear to live comfortably in a suburban neighborhood. Dolores is a homemaker in the second adulthood range. Pat Sr., also in the second adulthood range, did have his own bookkeeping business until recently when it went out of business. Pat Sr. appears to have a gambling problem that involves beating on football games that causes a huge financial strain on the family an also encourages his obsessive compulsive disorder. Approach The approach that was taken during the second therapy session

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