Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Child Abuse and Neglect Essay -- Violence Against Children, 2015

Child abuse in America is an ongoing problem and something needs to be done. There are approximately one million children abused annually in the United States. (Table 339) Cases of child abuse and neglect are reported every ten seconds, and researchers believe that there’s three times that amount that goes unnoticed. (Child Abuse: Know the Signs and Stop the Violence Against Children.) Something needs to be done for these children who are too weak and too powerless to help themselves. Children who have been abused are left with more than just physical scars. They have many psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems as well. Their social lives are affected dramatically, and they suffer lifelong effects. (Lambert) Children tend to be emotionally disturbed years after the abuse, many have IQ scores lower than average, and some have even been classified as mentally retarded. Children who have been abused also show signs of personality and neurological changes. (Oates 119) Sexual abuse has been linked to nightmares, bed wetting, sadness, clinging behavior, and anxiety. Children also showed more aggressive and anti-social behaviors. (Oates 127) Adults who were sexually abused are more prone to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and drug or alcohol problems. (Oates 132-133) Studies show overwhelming evidence of the effects abuse can have on a child, and the way the effects continue into their adult lives. (Oates 135) Speech is dramatically affected from abuse and neglect. Over one third of physically abused children have language delays. (Oates 119) All aspects of language are affected. Written and oral language is affected. The area that children tend to exhibit the most difficulties with is pragmatics. They tend to be l... ...g/topics/humanserv/child_abuse/ Layman, Richard. Child Abuse. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics Inc., 1991. Moses MD, Scott . "Child Abuse." Family Practice Notebook. 08 Sept 2007. Web. 18 Oct 2014. . Oates, R. Kim. The Spectrum of Child Abuse. 8. New York: Brunner/Mazel Inc., 1996. Palusci MD, MS, Vincent J.. "Shaken Baby/Shaken Impact Syndrome." Kids Health For Parents. August 2004. Nemours Foundation. Web. 18 Oct 2014. Santrock, John W. Educational Phycology. Third. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008. Lambert, Regina. Personal interview. Web. 13 Oct 2014. "Table 339. Child Abuse and Neglect Cases Substantiated and Indicated— Victim Characteristics: 2000 to 2008" Census Web. 18 Oct 2014.

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